The basis of mobility is natural building stone


Nowadays on the territory of Russian Federation a German company Basalt Minerals GmbH carries out the activity by means of two quarries: (limited liability company) OOO «Karier-Sheleiki» and (Joint-Stock Company) ZAO "KP-Gabbro".

The quarry on a deposit “Sheleikinskoje” is located in Podporozhsky area of the Leningrad region in 120 km from the city of Podporozhje, in 17 km to the north from settlement Voznesenje and in 2 km from the west cost of Onega.

The quarry ZAO “KP-Gabbro” is located on the deposit “Navolokskoje” in Kondopogsky area of the Republic Karelia in 1,8 km to the west from the railwaystation Novy Poselok.

Our business concept is to exploit the absence of primary rock formations suitable for the production of high-quality macadam.

The major part of our product is sea-freighted, direct from the port of Sheleiki.


Products of ZAO “KP-Gabbro” will be freighted by the means of railway transport.