1888 Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft foundation in Koln (Germany). Shareholder Werhahn joined the company the same year.


1892 Central administrative board relocated from Koln to Linz-on-Rhine.


1895 Replacement manual production by mechanized: usage of the first stone crusher.


1927 Foundation of the trading company "Basalt Union" to unify sales.



1953 Constant updating of industrial machines

1978 Wilhelm Werhahn company becomes the only participant of Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft.


1985 Foundation of other trading companies.

Foundation of branches in the east federal lands

Purchase of market share in countries of Eastern Europe and Sweden have been carrying out since 1991.


1996 Purchase of controlling interest of EBAG company, and also 51% of share in authorised capital stock in Deutag company.


2002 Purchase of department producing building materials of the branch of Holzmann-Deutsche Asphalt GmbH company.


2003 Restructuring of the enterprises in Kassel, East Germany and Bavaria - foundation of NHW Erfurt and HBT Mipertajh branches.


2004 Purchase of OOO"Karier-Sheleiki", Russia

2008 Purchase of ZAO "KP-Gabbro"