The guaranteed quality of production

Fractional aggregates by the physicomechanical indicators corresponds to requirements of GOST 8267-93 «Rubble and gravel from dense rocks for civil work» with a type of durability «1400», type of abradability - «I-1», type of frost resistance - «F-300».

Sand from crushing eliminations corresponds to requirements of GOST 8736-93 «Sand for civil work» and refer to the sand of raised size with a type of durability «1400».

According to the gamma spectrometer analysis, production relates to the 1 class of GOST 30108-94 and radiation standarts-99 and is suitable for usage in all kinds of building.

OOO "Mehanobr-Analit" has executed definition of adhesion of aggregates deposit to construction bitumen 60/90 of the Kirishsky Oil refinery plant and to bitumen of the firm "Neste" (Finland). Limiting adhesion at 120 mines to Kirishsky bitumen is 88,9-95,7 %, to Finnish - 96,4-96,8 %

The certification of the quality of mined rock and end products with reception of the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusions was made at the enterprise.

End products assurance is carried out in the test laboratory on the quarry which is provided by the necessary equipment and devices, and also has the certificate which has been given by FGU "test-s.-peterburg". Works are done according to GOST 8269.0-97 and GOST 8735-88