Corporate Principles
The company Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft has established the requirements and principles of the cooperation with its business partners as well as with business partners of its subsidiary companies, where the company has direct in indirect ownership.

Our enterprise is bounded to stick to the following values:

We maintain human and direct contact to our employees and follow the rules of fair competition with other companies. We take seriously the social responsibility and take care about our environment.

We do business in good faith as well as with awareness of our responsibility, honesty and loyalty.

We do not take advantages of illegal or unethical business practices. We rather ensure the optimal benefit to the customers as well as our long-term commercial success through innovation and high quality of our products and services.

From our business partners, in particular from our customers, suppliers and service providers, we expect that they implement the principles listed in our Corporate Principles in all their business activities, adhere to these Principles and adjust their business practices accordingly.

The Corporate Principles are part of every contract with our business partners and are legally binding for them for execution.